✔️ Improves microbial balance in the soil & the soil condition
✔️ Accelerates decomposition of organic materials & persistent materials
✔️ Effective to make quality compost
✔️ Increases flowering & sugar content of fruits
✔️ Improves water quality in the pond
✔️ Reduces sludge in the pond
✔️Controls disease in aquaculture

Photosynthetic bacteria obtain their energy from light and can be easily found in nature. Besides being non-toxic and harmless to environment, they synthesise useful substances from secretions of roots, organic matter and/or harmful gases (e.g. hydrogen sulphide) by using sunlight and the heat of soil as sources of energy. They contribute to better use of sunlight or, in other words, better photosynthesis. The metabolites developed by these micro-organisms are directly absorbed into plants. In addition, these bacteria increase the number of other bacteria and act as nitrogen binders.


🔷 In Agriculture it helps to increase the amount of photosynthetic bacteria in soil, promoting healthy plants, sweeter fruits and bushier flowers.

Dilute 1 ml of PSB in 1 liter water and use in the agriculture irrigation system or by spraying over the crops leaves and soil. Apply it to crops once every week. Combination with Beneficial Microorganism (BMO) is more effective.

🔷 In Aquaculture, PSB helps in water treatment and purification by decomposing the organic matter that cause water contamination and aquaculture problems. Combination with Beneficial Microorganism (BMO) more effective.

Dilute 1 ml of PSB in 1 liter water and use it directly once every week in aquaculture systems. Combination with Beneficial Microorganism (BMO) is more effective.

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